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Mountain growth


With Mountain Growth, qualified investors can diversify in institutional-quality investments for income, growth, and tax benefits. Our local investments are one of the most sought-after asset classes for HNW and high-income investors.



Director of the company’s capital outreach, investment strategies and investor relations.

Jordy Clark is a co-founder and Managing Member of Silicon Slopes Capital Partners, LLC. Mr. Clark oversees the company’s acquisitions and business development activities. He also co-directs
Mountain Growth Investments’ overall investment strategy. He brings over nine years of experience in Real estate investing and sales in the Greater Salt Lake Area.

In addition to Silicon Slopes Capital Partners, LLC, Mr. Clark is the lead sales agent. He is an active Agent/Broker, and his small but efficient real estate sales team sells about $40 Million in volume annually. He also owns a house flipping company that flips about one house a month. Over the last four years, Jordy has spent over 3.25 million dollars renovating real estate. Almost all of his portfolio has been built with the BRRRR method and currently sits at about 9 million worth of real estate in the greater salt lake area.

The times that Jordy isn’t thinking about real estate, he enjoys time with his wife and two kids (Brinley, age 6, and Noah, age 2) and enjoys being outdoors.



Director of the companies operations, due diligence and business development.

Jay Addis is the co – founder and managing member of Silicon Slopes Capital Partners, LLC. Jay co – directs the company’s overall investment strategy and successful operational execution. He brings over 13 years of investing expertise, management, and business development.

Currently, Jay is responsible for operational excellence for North America with Alsco, a two – billion – dollar business. He also oversees his real estate investing company, founded in 2009.

Jay is a former Special Operations; Reco nnaissance Marine who served multiple overseas duties in Operation Enduring Freedom. After his service, Jay graduated from the University of Miami, magna cum laude, where he then began his business and investing career.

Since inception, Jay has been de termined to maximize his career opportunities and investing portfolio, learning, and growing. He has owned and operated assisted living facilities, executed value – add repositions, bought long – term buy and hold properties, achieved increased multiple earni ngs through private equity roll – up strategies, and invested over seven figures of his money in limited partnerships with strategically chosen world – class operators to learn from the very best — while always maximizing his returns.

His management experience coupled with his long real estate investing track record has allowed him to maximize his life and now be in a position where he wants to focus on scale and bringing others along — living epic lives and creating generational wealth.

When Jay isn’t investing his time or money, he’s usually enjoying the great outdoors or taking epic trips with his family.